Where To Buy Pregnacare

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chemist direct £9 £10 £7 visitsite
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High Street Price £15 £15 £10
Original (90)
Plus (56)

The prenatal vitamin most recommended by health visitors, midwives and doctors Pregnacare is the No.1 pregnancy supplement brand. Pregnacare Contains 19 carefully formulated vitamins and minerals including the recommended amount of Folic Acid and vitamin B12.

A box of 90 Pregnacare Original tablets will cost you around £13-15 on the high street, shop online however and you can find it for much less (around 50% less at the time of writing this)

Approximate Online Prices

I thought I would be a good idea to let anyone who is interested know where I think the best place to buy Pregnacare are online so I researched and created the list above. It includes other popular Pregnacare products as well as Pregnacare Original. The links will take you directly to their Pregnacare sales page. The prices for each change constantly but all these retailers sell Pregnacare for a lot less than high street shops – including Boots who sometime discount a lot of their online stuff. Click each link to be sure of the best price currently.

Pregnacare Original (90 tablets)

These can be taken before conception, throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It is a multivitamin specifically formulated to maintain a healthy pregnancy:

  • 19 important vitamins and minerals
  • Each tablet contains the recommended daily allowance (400mcg) of folic acid for pregnant women.
  • Only a moderate dose of iron as high levels of iron are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Contains B12 and zinc which improve the chances of conception.

Pregnacare Plus Tablets With Omega 3 (56 tablets)

A box of these contain 28 “Original” tablets + 28 Omega 3 tablets. The Originals are exactly the same as described above. The Omega 3 tablets contain Omega-3 fatty acids in oil with 300mg of DHA which is important during pregnancy as they help form the babies eyes correctly. We would normally get our omega-3 from food such as oily fish but if you don’t eat much of this then Pregnacare Plus may be the ones to go for.

Pregnacare Conception (30 tablets)

Specifically formulated for women, these tablets build up nutrients in your body before conception. Each tablet contains, folic acid, Inositol, Vitamin B12, N-acetyl cysteine, L-Arginine and antioxidant minerals with natural vitamin E.